Tavolara ... a world apart

01 July 2020

The Nausika Yacht - Costa Smeralda Marine Center shipyard is located in Olbia, a few kilometers from the port and from the Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport.

Those who at least once visited our office, arriving from the sea or by plane, will have noticed shortly before their arrival in Olbia or Golfo Aranci, an imposing limestone formation standing out in the middle of the sea in all its majesty.

The island of Tavolara dominates the Gulf of Olbia and its shape can be recognized in the distance by always offering a different view from Golfo Aranci to San Teodoro depending on the location from which it will be observed
The island can be easily visited by landing with your boat in one of the piers on the main beach or by taking the ferries that leave from the main pier of the enchanting town of Porto San Paolo, a few kilometers south of Olbia.
Our shipyard Nausika Yacht - Costa Smeralda Marine Center this winter had the pleasure of hosting some of the boats that every summer ferry thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world recalled by its beauty, by its colorful sea emerald and green vegetation.

The island falls within the territory of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo
The protected area starts from Capo Ceraso and with a succession of inlets, beaches, coves and promontories, reaches up to Cala Finocchi, south of San Teodoro.

The Marine Protected Area established in 1997 by decree of the Ministry of the Environment, includes approximately 15,000 hectares of sea and the coastal territories of the municipalities of Olbia, Loiri Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro.
The vertebrate species present within the Marine Area represent about 50% of all those present in Sardinia. Among amphibians, reptiles and birds there are many species protected by regional regulations and international conventions.
The value from a botanical point of view is also extraordinary: in fact, a succession of different habitats hosts various endemisms (34 were counted in the archipelago) and a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub.

The marine area, in order to preserve these natural riches, has a regulation and a zoning that regulate navigation, mooring, fishing and recreational activities, among other things.


Not only the natural beauty of the area but also the legendary history of the Bertoleoni family give the island a magical and romantic atmosphere and contribute to increasing its charm and interest
Members of the Bartoleoni family have been the sovereigns of the island since the early 1800s and still live on "their" island as tradition dictates.

Tavolara, the smallest kingdom in the world.
The Bertoleoni are a family of Genoese origin, who moved to Corsica, then to some islets of the archipelago of La Maddalena to settle, finally, in Tavolara, at the entrance of the Gulf of Terranova Pausania, of which they will be the only inhabitants and owners, until the acquisitions of the Venetian-Roman Marzano and military servitude granted by the state to NATO on a part of the island.
They are known to be the protagonists of the legend of the "kingdom of Tavolara"
Giuseppe Bertoleoni in 1807 found himself in the bizarre situation of being the only and almost certainly the first inhabitant of the ancient island Hermaea, populated by an unusual fauna and a rich flora.
In 1836 Carlo Alberto, Prince of Carignano, landed in Tavolara, met Paolo son of Giuseppe, a great friendship was born and gave him the title of King of Tavolara, with absolute property rights, later sending a parchment attesting the event at the Prefecture of Sassari.

A few years ago Queen Victoria of England sent her ship to the Bay of Tavolara, on which a photograph was taken of the descendants of the King, portrayed on the bridge.
This photo was framed in gold and displayed in Buckingham Palace with the inscription
"the smallest kingdom in the world".

If you visit the island do not give up the sight of the colors of the sea and the austere imposing rocks on the cliffs, the walks on the white sand along the isthmus of the earth spreader that slowly disappears into the crystal clear waters, or the visit to the small cemetery where you they find the tombstones of the first king of Tavolara and his descendants, to relive their whole history step by step.

Currently the Bertoleoni family deals with tourism, if you want they will let you know, with their boats, this wild island or they will make you taste traditional dishes and excellent fish by hosting you in one of the two restaurants on the main beach of the island


To complete the magic, L'Isola has been the natural arena of the "Una Notte in Italia" Film Festival since 1991, with its increasingly complex programs, its rich offer of collateral events and the presence of the most talented exponents of Italian cinema ( but increasingly also international) attracts thousands of fans and onlookers on starry nights in July, conquering the hearts of a multitude of tourists and locals and the title of "Cinema in Paradise"

The Festival, as stated by Marco Navone, one of its creators and organizer, is the demonstration that "... even an invaluable environmental asset such as the island of Tavolara can be enjoyed with intelligent proposals that perfectly combine landscape protection and tourism."

The 2020 edition program, the 30th of its history, which will take place between 13 and 19 July, will be unveiled shortly on the official website of the Festival.