Costa Smeralda Marine Center

Costa Smeralda Marine Center


Costa Smeralda Marine Center

Its strategic location, just a stone’s throw from the prestigious Costa Smeralda, has ensured that it has very quickly become a benchmark for all boat owners who enjoy spending their sailing time in the beautiful seas of Sardinia.

It covers a total area of 30,000 m², with workshops for any requirements, a new-gen painting booth and a used boat sales showroom.

It Nausika Yacht’s feather in the cap, and despite being the latest addition to the group, it has managed to draw on, concentrate and develop all the experience gained by the other boatyards.

It is equipped to offer the best storage possible for boats up to 30 metres, providing a wide range of dedicated services and it is a go-to docking for those needed any kind of work done, be it ordinary or extraordinary maintenance,, or even customisation

The Costa Smeralda Marine Center is just 10 minutes from Olbia airport and has a handy private car park.

It has a large hardstand for carrying out your own work with water and electricity, and free 24/7 access, including facilities, showers and a food court with garden .

The Costa Smeralda Marine Center offers:
  • boat showroom
  • mobile workshop for emergency services
  • joinery workshop
  • carpentry workshop
  • mechanical workshop
  • electrical workshop
  • spare parts warehouse
  • boat storage for Olbia
  • 80-ton travel lift
  • painting booth for boats longer than 20 metres

The Costa Smeralda Marine Center is less than ten minutes from the Costa Smeralda International Airport, along the Polo Nautico in Cala Saccaia.

  • boat storage
  • Mobile workshop for emergency services
  • Boat showroom
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Joinery workshop
  • Carpentry workshop
  • Electrical workshop
  • 80-ton travel lift
  • spare parts warehouse
  • painting booth for boats longer than 20 metres
  • 10 minutes from port and airport
  • private parking
  • hardstand for your own work with water and electricity
  • Free hardstand access 24/7
  • Facilities, showers, restaurant/bar
  • Surveillance service

Costa Smeralda Marine Center

Via Madagascar, 46
07026 Località Cala Saccaia (OT), Italia
T +39 0789 57 181
F +39 0789 53 053

40.9278483, 9.5466307